December 2008

Article on research about carbon stored by trees in Oregon.


 Tips on using wood ash as a soil amendment:   wood_ash_can_fertilize_plants.html

One writer’s take on garden plant selection in the pacific northwest  in recent years. You will probably recognize quite a few of these:  steppingstones_on_the_garden_p.html

Here is a link to our most recent newsletter:  2008-december-newsletter2  It is also filed under Partnership Documents.

Here is a link to the order form:    calendar-order-form1

For those that are just getting started  pruning their trees, here are a few good before/after pruning  pictures  for a mountain ash, one of Juneau’s most common trees.  MountainAshPhotos.htm  and here are some more good before and afters on some other common species:  treepruningphotos.htm

New climate change research project beginning in British Columbia: 35630824.html

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