February 2009

Not quite spring yet, but to get people in the mood here is a link to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s web page on their Japanese Cherry tree collection. Flowering should begin in late March:   guide.html

International Society of Arborists (ISA) courses will take place in

Anchorage this March. Here’s more information:  appraisal-biology-3-09

A blog post profile of one of Juneau’s major tree eaters, a porcupine with video of the porcupine at work:


A slideshow of an amazing tree transplant, maybe the largest on record. A 200 year old Valley Oak moved in southern California several years ago.


Very cool post on a great tree blog, Ten Thousand Trees:


Information on a new conservation buffer design guide avilable now from NRCS:


Climate change ,  B.C. forests,  and the pine beetle outbreak:  38788584.html