April 2009

A link to a website with extensive rhodie and azalia growing information:  rarhodyho.html


Here is a link to the NW Native Plant Journal  online magazine.  The writer is in Oregon, but you will see many Alaska favorites and lots of new ideas. Enjoy.   emag_index.html

A handy new publication from the Forest Service, the tree owners manual:  tree owners manual  a copy of the manual is also filed in publications.

A new website now under construction. www.alaskaplants.org  A partnership of the Cooperative Extension, American Society of Landscape Architects, and Alaska Division of Forestry.  The goal is to have information on all ornamental trees and shrubs that will grow in Alaska. Keep checking back to see how they are progressing in this big job.

From the website of the American Rhododendron Society  www.rhododendron.org     are chapter lists of species that are proven performers. Here is a link to the Canadian lists:   performers12.htm

An extensive article on Azalias and rhododendrons for Minnesota from the Minnesota Cooperative Extension. Lots of good information  for rhodie fans of all skill levels.   DG2386.html

Questions and answers on soil liming for Master Gardeners.  One possible lime source is shells.  Crushed and rinsed with fresh water to remove salt give  results similar to lime.   limefaq.html

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