tree biology

A new book presents in depth information on how trees change with time.  The book’s authors are researchers at the Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station.  The book is available from your favorite bookseller.  More information is avilable at the publisher’s website:

Changing patterns in white spruce growth in  the Central Alaska Boreal forest.  Read an article about the research here:  white spruce

An article about the Engelmann Oaks of the southwest.

engelmann oaks

Trees grow roots to compete with other plants, a recent recent research project suggests:  04obtree.html?_r=1&ref=treesandshrubs

Recent article suggests warming forests may soak up less carbon: Forests soak up carbon, but for how long?

Pine Beetle Story:  story.html

A new publication is available from the Oregon Dept. of Forestry discusses planting native and non native trees.  Here’s the link:   Natives_vs_Nonnatives.OR 09 

 This link will also be added to our list of available publications filed under publications in the header.

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