tree biology

The growth rate of California’s Bristelcone Pines may be increasing.  Read about it:   BAI61ALAHV.DTL

A link to the Alaska Revegetation Manual, from the Palmer Plant materials Center:  ag_pmc.htm

A primer on Alaska pollenators from the NRCS.


Here is a good primer on urban soils from the NRCS. Everything you needed to know about soils and more.     primer.html

A short piece on Lilac pruning from the Oregonian:



Here is a link to the NW Native Plant Journal  online magazine.  The writer is in Oregon, but you will see many Alaska favorites and lots of new ideas. Enjoy.   emag_index.html

A handy new publication from the Forest Service, the tree owners manual:  tree owners manual  a copy of the manual is also filed in publications.

Link to a publication from West Virginia Cooperative Extension discussing common tree problems:   treeprob.htm

 Link to a list from Maryland Cooperative Extension of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs ranking trees and shrubs by their resistance to Deer Browsing:   resistan.htm

Specifics on pruning for many ornamentals.  A Georgia Cooperative Extension publication: B961.htm

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