tree news

New ornamental plant varieties from the farwest garden show, Portland:


Two Agroborealis issues on the history of farming and

 agriculture in alaska:

Agro%2038-1.pdf   Agro%2030-1.pdf

A good article on viburnums in the Oregonian. Here is a link: post_13.html

The October  2009 National Geographic has several stories on Redwoods with some impressive photos. Here is a link to the National Geographic website and the online version of the stories and pphotos. Enjoy:    featurehub

Here’s something cool: An interactive fall foliage map for New England:


A new type of fuel from wood biomass. Read about it here:  410148_sky15.html

More on the Poplars being grown in the Pacific Northwest for biofuels:


A recent USA Today article says the proposed climate change legislation callls for increase in forests.  Here’s a link: 2009-08-19-forest_N.htm?csp=34

From Travel and Leisure magazine, great botanical gardens of the world: great-botanical-gardens-of-the-world

A link to a website with extensive rhodie and azalia growing information:  rarhodyho.html

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