Changing patterns in white spruce growth in  the Central Alaska Boreal forest.  Read an article about the research here:  white spruce

Most of the Lodgepole Pine in the Pacific Northwest and B.C. will be lost by 2080, according to a new study.  Pine will lose out to more drought tolerant Douglas fir and Larch as the climate changes. Read more in this article:  Lodgepole pine loss

Trees grow roots to compete with other plants, a recent recent research project suggests:  04obtree.html?_r=1&ref=treesandshrubs

For those thinking about what kind of christmas tree is greenest, a post from the Oregon Cooperative Extension.  Of course they recommend an Oregon grown tree, but read on:  Greenest Christmas Tree

Some tree leaf art. Enjoy


The October  2009 National Geographic has several stories on Redwoods with some impressive photos. Here is a link to the National Geographic website and the online version of the stories and pphotos. Enjoy:    featurehub

Living with Deer:  A very informative website from the Washington State Fish and Wildlife.  Lots of information for Southeast gardeners:   deer.htm

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