Changing patterns in white spruce growth in  the Central Alaska Boreal forest.  Read an article about the research here:  white spruce

Most of the Lodgepole Pine in the Pacific Northwest and B.C. will be lost by 2080, according to a new study.  Pine will lose out to more drought tolerant Douglas fir and Larch as the climate changes. Read more in this article:  Lodgepole pine loss

Trees grow roots to compete with other plants, a recent recent research project suggests:  04obtree.html?_r=1&ref=treesandshrubs

For those thinking about what kind of christmas tree is greenest, a post from the Oregon Cooperative Extension.  Of course they recommend an Oregon grown tree, but read on:  Greenest Christmas Tree

Some tree leaf art. Enjoy


The October  2009 National Geographic has several stories on Redwoods with some impressive photos. Here is a link to the National Geographic website and the online version of the stories and pphotos. Enjoy:    featurehub

Living with Deer:  A very informative website from the Washington State Fish and Wildlife.  Lots of information for Southeast gardeners:   deer.htm

Soon it will be time to get busy in the garden. One technique you can use to increase your plants is taking softwood cuttings. If you do not know about this, it is easy to do with many plants. Here is a short article showing what you need to do:  multiply_your_plants_with_soft.html  And one on how to divide perennials:  how_and_why_to_divide_perennia.html

Link to a publication from West Virginia Cooperative Extension discussing common tree problems:   treeprob.htm

 Link to a list from Maryland Cooperative Extension of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs ranking trees and shrubs by their resistance to Deer Browsing:   resistan.htm