Pine Beetle Story:  story.html

A newly produced map of worldwide forest heights.  The Pacific Northwest has some of the tallest:  Forest Map

Inventory in Seattle to value urban trees:  valuing trees

Seattle business salvaging urban trees:   urban salvage

USA today article on the loss of forest cover in recent years.  forest cover loss

Wall Street Journal article  summarizing the current state of the contraversy:  Green vs. Growth

A new publication is available from the Oregon Dept. of Forestry discusses planting native and non native trees.  Here’s the link:   Natives_vs_Nonnatives.OR 09 

 This link will also be added to our list of available publications filed under publications in the header.

The Alaska Nursery and Greenhouse Conference  and Gardening Workshop will be in Juneau at the ANB hall, Feb 25-7.  For registration information, contact the Cooperative Extension Service in the Bill Ray Center, at 796-6221.  Here is the flyer and registration information for the events:  GHNC brochure agenda & registration

Visit the great plant picks website, a website of great pacific northwest plants :

A newly revised cemetary tree walk brochure is available.  You can see it here:  cemetary walk 09   as well as under the publications tab in our blog header.