Here are links to our presentations/guides/ brochures  about local  trees, their care and selection.  They are  in pdf format. All are copyrighted by the publisher, but use is free for educational or personal use.

Written by JUFP:


cemetary walk 09 


The new native tree brochure is now available :  native tree guide readable 

We also have available a list of trees we suggest would be good choices for planting in the Juneau area:  juneau tree list 2010

Written by other groups:

tree owners manual  From the USFS.  This is a compilation of several good tree planting and tree care publications in one publication.

  Natives_vs_Nonnatives.OR 09  From the Oregon Dept. of Forestry.  Discusses use of native and non native trees.

Tale of 2 cedars  By Paul Hennon of the Forest Service.  Descriptions and comparisons of the two Cedars found in Southeast Alaska, Red and Yellow.

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